Back to School Mastery: Series Overview

Back to school season often evokes one of two strong reactions: Dread or Excitement.

Whether you are in the first semester of nursing school or the last, let us help get you started on your best foot.

Back to School: Part 1 - Technology

Learn how to leverage technology to your advantage rather than becoming a slave to notifications and applications.

Back to School: Part 2 - Highlighters and Notes

Every one develops their own note-taking style. Learn your best workflow with these suggestions.

Back to School: Part 3 - Engagement

No one can love what they do 100% of the time. Learn how to navigate school when you are bogged down and burned out.

Back to School: Part 4 - Study Strategies

Some people work best in a group. Some people learn best in the quiet and dark of the early morning. Learn strategies to find your best study groove.

Back to School: Part 5 - Social Media and Professional Nursing

Social media can be leveraged for good or evil. Learn how to keep your voice professional in this instantly shareable environment.

Back to School: Part 6 - Staying Healthy

We'll wrap up this semester learning how to take care of you while you are in nursing school. Learn strategies for staying well against all odds.

Let us know any topics you'd like to see in future blog posts about nursing school!

image credit: Walt Stoneburner