NCLEX Mastery Rocks, But Why?

Meet NCLEX Mastery

NCLEX Mastery

Performancemetrics include:

  • Number of questions answered per week,month, or year.
  • Overall correct score.
  • Strongest and weakest areas.
  • Average time per question.

Applicationfeatures include:

  • Study goal setting with daily reminders.
  • Custom quizzes to focus on weaknesses.
  • Ability to filter according to confidencelevel.


  • Ongoing statistical analysis per item.
  • Frequent updates according to P-value andpoint biserial.
  • Items reevaluated by nurse educator basedon user input, as needed.
  • Continuing updates to meet NSCBN 2019 andplanned 2022 test items.
  • Revamp in 2018 to ensure 75% of items areapplication or analysis level.

Meetour subject matter experts:

In addition to contractedwriters with specialties spanning populations across the United States, we alsohave several nursing SMEs on staff handling user needs, the content, and appdevelopment.

  • C. Bell, MS – Sexual assault nurse examiner, HIV counselor, degree in informatics and management, guided care certification, ACLS, PALS, NRP, and trauma nursing. Additional experience in public health, school nursing, and urology.
  • C. Cantrell, MSN-Ed – Clinical experience across adult health environments – progressive care, intensive care, oncology, hospice. Teaching experience across the curriculum from foundational nursing through master’s level simulation teaching.
  • K. Everhart, ARNP – specializes in gastroenterology and hepatology
  • S. Cenek, DNP, FNP – family practice spanning populations


  • 99% NCLEX RN pass rate based on our 200% refund policy
  • #2 medical app (just behind Epocrates!) in iOS
  • NCLEX PN Mastery is the #9 medical app in iOS (just behind Davis’s Drug Guide!)
  • In 2019 (Jan to early March!) 250,000 accounts were created!
  • 50+ exhibit items in addition to ordered response, hotspot, audio, and 40% multiple response items
  • Multimedia including lung and heart sounds
  • Used by nursing schools nationwide, including Chamberlain University!

Our Mission: toempower learners by delivering an innovative and captivating educationalexperience.

Transformingthe Educational Experience. HLT was sparked by paper flashcardsthat Alec Whitters, Co-Founder and CEO, and his peers were using to study fortheir dental boards. Wouldn’t it make better sense, he thought, to use theirsmartphones to study? When he didn’t find an effective mobile-learningsolution, he decided to create it. HLT was born.

mLearningLeads to mPowerment. Our platform delivers what students want:the power to use their mobile devices to study anytime, anywhere for the mostimportant exams and courses of their lives.

Try the NCLEX RN Mastery mini-simulation of the NCLEX or the NCLEX PN Mastery mini-simulation of the NCLEX.