NCLEX Simulation FAQ - NCLEX RN Canadian and NCLEX PN

Every nursing student knows the importance of the NCLEX, but few know what to expect. As you begin your nursing journey, you have the opportunity to experience the NCLEX first-hand with our just released ONLINE simulation of the actual NCLEX Exam!

Increase your understanding of the most important exam of your career when you take the NCLEX Simulation Exam and focus your studies on what you'll need to know to pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a quick overview of our most frequently asked questions about our NCLEX Simulation. If you don't see your specific question, please reach out to us by calling us 319-237-7162 or emailing :

How do I access the simulation?

NCLEX Mastery’s NCLEX Simulation increases your confidence and pass rate by simulating the actual, computer-based NCLEX examination. To access the NCLEX Simulation you must be on a desktop or laptop computer using the online version of NCLEX Mastery. Here are links to purchase each Simulation if you haven't already done so: NCLEX-PN Simulation NCLEX-Canadian RN Simulation

What does the "Probability of Passing" mean?

When you complete the NCLEX Simulation you will receive your "Probability of Passing" score. The Probability of Passing percentage is a rough estimate of your chances of passing the actual NCLEX-RN examination. This percentage is estimated based on an analysis of data collected from a random sample of users who attempted the NCLEX-RN exam in the last 5 years. We compared users’ performance in our app to their results on the actual NCLEX RN exam. This probability estimates performance on the NCLEX-RN exam, but it should not be seen as a prediction of your exam results. It is subject to improvements as we add more data to our analysis.

Can I review the questions and rationales?

No, the Simulation is based on the actual NCLEX experience. Just like the actual NCLEX, you will not know what questions you missed as you complete the exam. You will not have access to explanations regarding correct or incorrect answers.
At the end of the Simulation, you will receive time-per-question statistics and a detailed breakdown of your performance across NCLEX Mastery categories.

How do I purchase the NCLEX Simulation?

You can purchase the Simulation at the appropriate link above. However, you will not be able to launch the Simulation until you are on a desktop or laptop computer.

Can I take it more than once?

No, each Simulation can only be taken once. It is only available on your desktop or laptop from within the online version of NCLEX Mastery.
You should set aside time to complete the test in a quiet place, free from distractions. Please wait to begin the Simulation until you have adequate time to complete the test. You can take the NCLEX Simulation at any time, however once you begin, you will have six hours to complete the test and you will not be able to restart.