Study Smarter, Not Harder, Using Tags

Our award-winning learning system is designed specifically to give you an edge while studying—saving you time and stress.

Answering exam-like questions, reading detailed explanations, and tagging according to your confidence level allows you to narrow your focus and gain confidence on the most important areas.

  • Tag questions based on your confidence
  • Filter and review for efficient learning
  • See yourself progress

“My Nursing Mastery is fantastic. I love tagging the questions with I know, somewhat know, and don't know and having the option to review them later. Seeing the red, yellow, and green bars helps me keep track of the areas I need to work on and the areas I'm more comfortable with. It's well worth the money!”

Anne P.

“I love this NCLEX study tool. It’s easy to use, has great explanations and has the option to tag the questions based on whether you knew the answer or guessed so you can review them later, making it an easy and obvious study tool. I would highly recommend this to any nursing student.”

Toni M.

Tag Questions Based On Your Confidence

Believe it or not, the most important thing you can do in My Nursing Mastery is tag questions based on your confidence level.

It’s a key feature, allowing you to work your way through questions until you master them—saving you time and energy.

As you tag questions, be honest with yourself. Don’t worry if most of your questions fall into the “Don’t Know” category at first. Those questions are the foundation of your success. Take a breath and focus on why you were mistaken.

Filter and Review for Efficient Learning

After you complete a study session, go back and filter questions based on the tags to narrow in on the areas where you need to improve and are marked with the red “Don’t Know” tag.

Review the questions enough, and you’ll gain the knowledge to move everything from “Don’t Know” and “Somewhat Know” to the well-deserved, green tag of “Know”—proof you're learning the material!

Watch Yourself Progress

Turn your study goals into meaningful progress with our intuitive performance dashboard.

As you advance through the material, use My Nursing Mastery’s progress tracking to review your performance based on time, speed, and NCLEX categories, so you know exactly where to focus next.

The detailed performance statistics target your weak areas and help you celebrate your strengths. Track your improvements with reports that continuously show your growth.