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Our NCLEX Simulations™ (Pretest and Posttest) are exact replicas of the NCLEX-RN® that will help you identify where to begin studying AND determines your probability of passing – the first time.

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Allie M.

“I passed after 88 questions! The NCLEX Simulations were identical to the test, and after taking them, I felt so much more confident going into my exam. I got a 60% probability of passing on the first simulation, so I studied what it said I needed the most work in. Two days before my test, I took the second simulation and got a 90%... clearly it was right!”

Casey S.

Pass the NCLEX — Guaranteed. Identify Where to Begin Studying with Immediate Results

With limited hours in the day, don't waste time figuring out what to study.

Use our online NCLEX Pretest Simulation before you begin studying to help establish a baseline and identify the areas you need to improve.

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Probability of Passing Know When You’re Ready to Take the Exam with Probability of Passing

After studying, take your NCLEX Posttest Simulation to confirm you’re ready by finding your Probability of Passing.

Trusted by over 100,000 NCLEX takers, the Probability of Passing score is an estimate of your chances of passing the NCLEX-RN®. The estimate is based on an analysis of data collected from users who sat for the NCLEX for the last 5 years and compared to their performance in our NCLEX program.

Now, you’ll be ready to conquer the NCLEX-RN®.

Ease Anxiety Scientifically Proven

Research shows that your confidence and performance increases when you study in the same way you will be tested.

We’ve designed our NCLEX Simulations as an exact replica of the exam experience so that it becomes familiar. This will not only train your stamina, but will also enhance your ability to actually apply the material you’ve been studying.